I was born in Germany and brought up in Guinee (West Africa).

After completing
my degree at University, I moved to Paris and later to London where I began my 
career as an interior decorator during the mid 90’s.

The desire to learn & uncover
new ideas, i relocated to the French West Indies (Martinique) where I was able 
to explore the European, African & Caribbean cultures with their varying 
influences in style, color, textures, forms & architectures.

Fast changing technologies pushed me to reinvent myself and also explore the 3D Design fields with CAD Software’s.


Mado_Camara With over 20 years of experience in the interior decoration, Mado CAMARA has carried out residential and corporate projects with success. Having been exposed to different cultures, textures, colors and interiors, has inspired her to expand, innovate and adapt her skills which results in both functional and pleasing interiors, respecting entirely the clients wishes. She is constantly searching for new techniques to propose; hence her passion today for polished concrete surfaces such as worktops, walls and bathrooms. A beautiful, smooth and tactile finish, which comes in a variety of colors and tones.